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[IC] Typ 65+ - a 65% keyboard with left macro cluster | (1/9) 2nd Proto reveal

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Typ 65+ by axiφm studios


renders by motohiro

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Updates :-
1/09 - We will be streaming the Typ 65+ v2 prototype and colours choices on this upcoming Friday 03/09/2021 @ 9.30pm  (GMT +8) and  Sunday 05/09/2021 @ 12.00am (GMT +8) to accommodate both questions from our SEA region and western region.
Feel free to drop by our stream (Twitch ID: vyron_). The team will be on call as well to take any questions you have and we would see you then!


The design is inspired from the JER mini layout with a functional blocker. Featuring a seamless case to maintain and clean and minimal look. The board feature 2 type of mounting system with top mount and gasket mount configuration. The blocker can function as layers indicator with LED soldered and a diffuser or as cosmetic with brass badge insert.

Typ 65+, a 65% layout with left macro cluster and chamfered edges.

renders by motohiro

Low front typing height and cherry boards inspired front lip design, for comfort and a homage to vintage design.

renders by motohiro

renders by motohiro

It also features a clean and minimal design by having hidden brass weight to deliver a more consistent sound profile across the board while still providing a load to it.

Garnet Red

Spinel Grey

Nephrite Jade

V2 Proto pics

Case specifications:-
•   Designed by 14x71
•   CNC aluminum 6063
•   65% layout with left macro cluster design
•   6 degree typing angle
•   Dual mount configuration: Top mount or Oring gasket mount
•   17.7mm front lip height - centred USB-C port
•   Colors:- Nephrite Jade, Spinel Grey, Garnet Red (Top) - Silver, Black (Bottom)

PCB specifications:-
•   Designed by Kopibeng
•   Comes in solder and hotswap variant
•   Solder pcb will have universal layout support 6.25u, 7u, ISO, a universal plate file will be provided later on if you wish to use 6.25u bottom row
•   PCB compatible with QMK,VIA and VIAL support
•   USB-C daughterboard (ai03 unified c3 db)
•   OTD 356 mini style PCB flex cut and relief cut
•   LED indicator (if soldered) for layers but there will also be firmware file for lock keys instead if there is demand
•   Red solder mask

Solder and Hotswap PCB pics

PCB labels for quality of life improvement

PCB supported layout for solder and hotswap

Exploded view:

Gasket Mount

Top Mount:

Typing Test

I've some feedback on the candle being in the typing test video. The reason behind is because the wooden wick creates a faint crackling ambience sound to validate that the recording is indeed unedited, not the other way round.

Switches: Cherry hyperglide blacks /w 63.5 slow springs (lubed and filmed)
Keycaps: GMK Burgundy
Mounting: Top mount /w carbon fiber half plate

Switches: Vintage cherry mx clears /w 63.5g 22mm springs (lubed and filmed)
Keycaps: enjoyPBT G81-SAV
Mounting: Gasket mount /w carbon fiber full plate

Our first prototype does not feature OG cherry front lip which will be added on the 2nd prototype.

Plate Supported Layout:-

•   CNC top and bottom case (Anodized)
•   Brass weight (Sandblasted)
•   Brass blocker and PC Blocker (Both sandblasted) -Tentative-
•   Carbon fiber twill plate (Half/Full)
•   Screws, rubber gasket strips, LEDs and etc.
•   Custom hard carrying case

Sales format:-
•   Groupbuy format (FCFS/Raffle)
•   200-300 units
•   Price: TBD, tentative $390

Current road-map:-
•   Make first prototype case and PCB
•   Review and revise design and case study on current prototype case
•   Make interest check and collect data
•   Make 2nd prototype case, anode chip and PCB 29/7 - 2nd prototype case and pcb confirmed and currently in production.
•   Update IC post with new prototype and builds
•   Finalize design and kitting
•   Finalize pricing and sales format

Our challenges and how we react to it:-

•   Possible anodization color did not live up to expectations?
To overcome such challenges we will try to minimize such uncertainty by placing 2nd prototype and anode chip to color check against our renders).

•   Delay in shipping and bad product being handled to doorstep which will further delay the GB?
We have placed our own representative to facilitate local manufacturer processes to minimize risk and ensuring manufactured goods are to what we expected before shipping to our doorstep for further QC and fulfilment.

Frequently-asked-questions :-

Q: Is there any hotswap PCB to be made available?
A: Currently we have no plans to provide for hotswap PCB. 29/07 - Due to demand in hotswap pcb, we are currently looking into.

Q: Is the LED programmable, if so isit RGB?
A: No it’s not RGB, you would have to solder in the LEDs (we will provide only white LEDs). Else, you could just install with the brass blocker if you prefer non luminated.

Q: How long is the fulfilment time or groupbuy dates?
A: Currently we are looking to set up the groupbuy around mid Nov or early Dec. As for the fulfilment dates would provide later after we set up our 2nd prototype.

Q: Where are you guys based?
A: We are based in Penang, Malaysia. and our designer is based in Bali, Indonesia.

For more updates please follow our Discord / Instagram / website for any development.
Join our discord group
Follow us on Instagram

Special thanks to :-

Beamingrobot from monokei
Lbaron from Smith and Rune
Jae from Prototypist Keyboards
Kaster and YZ from Hex Keyboards
Motohiro for the renders
Keebmunity, Kopibeng, IMKG community, jebbra, itsundone, zedbraxmen
Everyone who has supported us this far, Thank you



* 27/07 - Added interest check form
* 29/07 - 2nd batch of prototype (case + pcb) confirmed and will move into production stage | Expected price to be @ 390 USD per kit (tentative)
* 15/08 - Added PCB pictures
* 29/08 - Added new renders and solder/hotswap pcb layout
* 1/09 - Proto reveal stream date and time announced

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