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--- Quote from: bisoromi on Fri, 17 May 2019, 20:28:03 ---
--- Quote ---The form KeyCon 2019 Poster Sign Up is no longer accepting responses.
Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake.
--- End quote ---

All sold out?

--- End quote ---

Oops. I forgot to open it up for responses. My bad.
Fill out the form and I'll close it once they're sold out.

Bump! We're ~1/2 sold out. If you're planning on getting a poster, make sure to sign up now. There may not be any available the day of.

Related: I have ~20 posters left from KeyCon 2018. If you feel you missed out last year, I'll have them available for $18.75 this year. The last of the 2017 posters sold out last year.

Invoices have been sent via PayPal. The signup is still open and posters are still available. Let me know if there are any revisions needed to the invoice, such as the number of posters, if you're getting a 2018 poster as well, etc.

Thanks, everyone!

Bringing a poster tube with me so that i can get this home safely on the plane!  :))


--- Quote from: OfTheWild on Thu, 30 May 2019, 12:50:27 ---Bringing a poster tube with me so that i can get this home safely on the plane!  :))

--- End quote ---

This is a good idea. I have bubble polybags, but they aren't stiff. I've been trying to find a way to protect the posters for those who are traveling and haven't come up with a solution yet. Chipboard cut to size and a decent paper envelope would work, but I haven't been able to find anything yet.

I'll bring some of the bubble mailers, but they are incredibly bulky and won't do much to protect against folding.

To everyone who has purchased or is planning to purchase, please think about how you'll get the poster home safely. I'm doing the best I can on my end.

In other news, I picked up the posters today. I have three silver variants that have silver as the lighter color. I'll put one of those in the donation lottery. I'm not sure what I'll do with the other two.

I know lots of people like to have attendees sign their posters. I'll have some silver pens for that, but feel free to also bring your own.

See you all in two days!


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