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I own the keyboard you can see in the attached images. It's a Xerox keyboard (spanish layout), but I'm not sure about the model. In the backwards there is a label that reads as: "L.P.: L19"... so, is "L19" the model/type of this keyboard?

I've tried to use it with a modern computer using a DIN5pin to PS2 adapter plus a PS2 to USB adapter. It doesn't work, some red led turn on and off again and I can see a lot of USB erros in the console. This keyboard used to work 30 years (or so) ago, with a PC (running W95).

So, I need help to identify the proper type/model of this keyboard and some idea about how to get it working again. I've read about the 5pin DIN connector, the two protocols XT/AT... so could it be an XT connector? I would say that it's an AT connector, because it used to work in the past, with a PC.

Thanks in advance,


That converter won't work.

It's a passive converter. You need an active converter. There are lots out there from many vendors. Here's one, but not all look like this.

And you might need to try several active converters to find one that works for you. They don't all work with different keyboards & different computers.

Ok, I see. Thank you very much... I'll try with one similar to that.

Thanks again, br

Possible to know what switch it came with? Looks like foam and foil but might be anything.

Hey! Sorry for offtopic, but what switches this keyboard uses?


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