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A new keyboard with  touchscreen,  like AJAZZ AKP815,  LCD placed on the right, whether placed in the middle?
1, it conforms to the ergonomic keyboard.
2,  Blind typing
3,  Muscle memory
4,Customize  any virtual keystrokes you want

sorry, this is  AKP815, 

This thread is a head-scratcher. Why do you need a touch screen? Why not a macropad? This feels like a pretty standard split layout with a macro in the middle column

It's not a macro keyboard, it's more like a  APPLE touchbar. 
Rectangular touch bar

The akp815 is  a  macrokey keyboard.  The picture in the previous post is misleading.
Actually, I mean,  smartkeyboard something like a TouchBar. 

It must does most the functions of a Touchbar. Its improvement is that it has changed from a slender strip at the top to a rectangular touchscreen in the center of the keyboard.
Why here? It is the area where the fingers move the smaller distance, it is easy to form muscle memory, easy to type blindly. Not any more, adjust the field of view back and forth. Too hard.
The Touch Bar is a cool invention. For example,  contextually display. It alters what digital buttons and images  depending on the open program and the task at hand. That's  smart. Now that AI technology is  easy to implement.
The picture is a sample Emcs or Vim editor, cursor movement. You can do more, entering unicode symbol, emulating an IBM red dot mouse, sketching, handwriting recognition, timeline and knob manipulation.
The hardware only about 50~100 US$.  It just requires an  MCU, USB knowledge, touchscreen. Any Keyboard Layout.

Is anyone else interested in it?


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