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Macros on Angry Miao keyboards


Crazy Designers:

Hello Geekhack! Today I would like to introduce our latest feature in AM Master, keyboard macros! AM Master is our all-in-one device center for keyboards and other Angry Miao products. It is available for both Windows and for macOS.

As of now, we added macro support for the following keyboards:

* AM Relic 80
* AM AFA R1/R2
* AM Compact Touch R1/R2 (requires manual updating)
* Dry Studio Black Diamond 75
In the latest version of AM Master, we have added support for keyboard macros. Just download and install the latest version of AM Master and connect your Angry Miao keyboard to your computer using a USB cable. Then open AM Master, click on your keyboard, and navigate to the firmware page. Make sure that your keyboard is up to date. If not, please update your keyboard first.

AM Compact Touch R1/R2 needs to updated manually before you can use keyboard macros:
Step 1: Download the firmware package

* AM Compact Touch R1:
* AM Compact Touch R2: AM_65_R2.N40.R1.00.14.zipStep 2: Open AM Master and navigate to the firmware page
Step 3: Click on the sideloading button:

Step 4: Enter the password: 135qwr
Step 5: Upgrade your keyboard

When your keyboard is fully up to date, click on the keyboard icon in the left toolbar and navigate to the "MACRO" page. This is what the macro page looks like:

You can click on any key in the keyboard illustration (top) to assign a macro. Then press "Add Macro" to create a new preset. Now you can press "Record" to record your macro combo. After recording your macro, press "SAVE" to save your preset. You can now assign it to any key by pressing the "Replace" button.

Lastly, you can also upload previously created JSON files to AM Master with your custom macros, and also download your newly created macros as a JSON file. This JSON file can be used to permanentely write your custom marcro to the keyboard. You can always go back to your keyboard's original keymapping by pressing "RESET".

Keyboard macros are currently supported on CYBERBOARD R2/R3/R4, CYBERBOARD Glacier R2, AM Relic 80, AM AFA R1/R2, AM Compact Touch R1/R2, and Dry Studio Black Diamond 75. You can download AM Master from our official website.

Support for CYBERBOARD Terminal will be added in a subsequent update.


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