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How hard do you all type?

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--- Quote from: wjrii on Fri, 24 May 2024, 18:48:56 ---I reluctantly used a set when I shared a WFH office with my wife, on a full size gamer board with Outemu black (still have it under the shelves... turn off the rainbow LEDs and those boards just look like low-profile Filcos), but once I had my own space, it was off with the rings, then back to my 70% with blues, then on to heavy clickies.  Right this moment, I'm on a Model M, but my two daily drivers of late have Box Jade and Box Navy.

--- End quote ---

I just have a hhkb as an office/quiet board, it's not really that quiet but it sounds like rubber domes and blends in really well with the other rubber domes so it's fine to use in a quiet setting unless I'm jamming on the keys really hard.

Hmmmm, recently I rebuilt my fjell with mx blacks and alu plate to switch up my plateless build with nk creams that I had been running for a long time (it was the initial build for the board) and it's weird cause I don't think I'm typing on it that hard (or at least typing the same hardness) but it definitely feels harder overall cause of how much stiffer the alu plate is compared without a plate. However, I feel like the blacks makes less of an impact when I type as well, which is weird. This is 100% because the creams are long pole and the blacks are not but still important to note.

Also I think the plateless build was why I thought the hhkb plate was metal and not the abs it is because typing on this compared to the hhkb it's very apparent that it's a plastic plate and the mounting is what makes it a lot harder when I type compared to like a PC board.

I used to type pretty hard and bottom-out. Especially when I was angry/energetic :D
Since I got my Varmilo (VEM88 V2, EC Rose switches) I've been soft-typing much more.
I realized I didn't need to type so hard or always bottom-out, and every key press is still registered fine.
But I still love to go KLAK KLAK KLAK!


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