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Topre vs Cherry typing speed

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I recently got a Realforce keyboard at home to complement my Filco Cherry Brown keyboard that I use at work. I like both of them, and I feel like I type equally rapidly on each. When I actually measure my typing speed on typeracer, I was described to discover I am consistently 10 WPM faster on the Filco (~63WPM) than the Topre (~53WPM). Any insights or similar experiences to share greatly appreciated.

There is more friction in the Topre keyboard.

With the same amount of effort, it is easier to both depress and return on the MX Brown.

I've found EC keyboards to be relatively 'sluggish' in comparison with MX tactiles. A useful experiment might be trying to type on Ergo Clears, which you can buy as regular stock switches now [Cherry MX Ergo Clear and Cherry MX Purple.]

I found that I typed faster on Pro Purples and ~65 G Ergo Clears than I did with MX Browns. This is because the tactile feedback is crisper, more immediate, and more definite with Ergo Clears, and because the return force might be greater using Ergo Clears with certain springs.

A modern version of Pro Purples might be the new Keychron and Gateron 'Bananas,' which seem to place a Brown or Ergo Clear-sized bump at the top of the keypress, rather than the middle. You can buy whole keyboards with these 'Bananas' pretty affordably from Keychron. This dynamic also exists with low-profile switches [Bananas and the heavier Lime being available.]

So you might find that you actually type fastest with crisp / snappy medium-tactiles in the MX world, or 'speed' switches like the many new long-pole light tactiles [Gateron Mini i, WS Light Tactile, TTC Gold Brown Pro, the heavier Gateron Baby Kangaroo 2.0, or the lighter and almost regular-pole KTT Macaron Orange.]

I generally type the same on both topre and cherry.

I think it's mainly because to me, my cherry blacks and topre don't have sluggishness, which to me is the biggest factor to my typing speed.

Another thing to consider is the actuation, while my cherries have light springs which allows me to actuate the switches quicker, topre feels much heavier, but when you start to actuate it you bottom out, so I guess that rounds them both so I can type on the same speed

Weirdly enough it only takes me a little amount of time to get to my max typing speed when switching, I think that might just be a me thing though.


--- Quote ---There is more friction in the Topre keyboard.
--- End quote ---
Interesting! I would have thought the other way because my Realforce has lower actuation force  (45g) compared to the Cherry Brown (55g). I hadn't thought about it, bit I guess actuation force and friction are distinct parts of the equation.

Well, yes. Everyone types differently, so these will factor in differently.

As far as actuation goes, I'm pretty sure that 45 G Topre isn't lower than MX Brown.

The MX Brown springs actuate around 45 G, and bottom-out at 60 G.
It may be that Topre actuation and bottom are the same [45 G], but there's also the issue of tactility.

The MX Brown bump is not large. Topre may have greater tactile resistance. So the total force at actuation may be greater with 45 G Topre than with MX Brown.

Certainly, MX Brown seemed lighter in my testing than 45 G Topre, but I was using Leopold '45 G' which tends to be a bit heavier.

I find that EC rubber domes offer greater friction during the keypress than MX light-tactiles, which are near linear.

But I think the real difference could be consistency. The keypress on a mechanical should be more consistent keypress-after-keypress than on a rubber-dome. The 'mush' associated with rubber domes [including EC] is in part an inconsistency in how the dome collapses and rebounds, I think.

I found it easier to type on MX light-tactiles than on various 45 G EC keyboards, and I think it has to do with the lightness and consistency of the mechanical switches. MX light-tactiles can also rebound strongly, even with relatively low actuation weights. Overall, I think it's easier to type consistently on icepicks / reciprocating pistons [MX switches] than on collapsing rubber-domes. This may enhance speed.


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