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HHKB Type-s Review.

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As there are not really any reviews on the HHKB Type-S I thought I would give it a go.

The box it comes is is identical to the Pro2 except that the sticker has been changed. I have no problem with this because as PFU say, it is not a new model, just a refined one. The box seems to do a good enough job at protecting the keyboard during transit.

The first thing that I noticed about the Type-S was that it didn't have wonkey keys. This has been something that has always annoyed me about topre keyboards and it is nice to see this has been addressed. Other than the Type-S logo that is the only visual change that I can see.

The key switches seem to feel a little bit smoother but I cannot check this as I no longer own a pro2, this could be also because of a reduction in sound. I measured the keys and they all weighed 45g except the space bar that weighed 50g (Done with rip-o-meter method). I have heard about people having different weighted keys and topres has a 15g+/- on there switches, this is something that I have never encountered on a pro2, type-s or 86u. I would be intreasted if other people would weigh their spacebar and check if it just mine or if it is intentional (doesn't matter either way as I prefer a hevier spacebar).
I love the reduction in sound. I think it sounds more refind and less clunky, what I expect from topre. I would pick a silenced switch any day over a loud one. Some people have said that they can feel a reduction in travel (0.2mm). I think this is somewhat unlikely but if it is there, I cannot tell. I think that with headphones on removing the sound element, they feel like the pro2.

The only downside to this keyboard is the fact that the rubber feet do not give enough grip. It doesn't move while typing but it would be nice not to accedently nudge it out of place on my desk.

Now to the elephant in the room, is it worth the extra $200. In short no. But I would buy one over the pro2 anyday, here is why. I came to geekhack to find the best keyboard. The pro2 is not the best keyboard, the type-s is (Discamer - for large amounts of typing I still prefer the Kinesis but only for ergonomics). I think that paying $500 (including shipping and tax) is worth it for the best keyboard and I can live with that.

Any question I will be happy to answer. I will have more pics up later in the week including pictures of internals, just don't have the energy tonight.

In your opinion, you say it's the best keyboard out there. What would you say were the flaws of the Pro 2 that the Type S fixed? And what would you change to make the Type S better?

The flaw that the type-s fixed was wonkey keys. The quite keys for me is just a bonus. The hhkb could be improved by changing the grips on the bottom (as said in the review) and use pbt spacebars. Also they could do with some more media funtionality. While I am here with a request list I would quite like it to be fully programable as well.
Other than that I actully find it the perfect keyboard.

Nice review, thanks.

I think that when I get around to ordering a HHKB, it'll be a type-s.

I am going up to Southend and go through Bristol in just over a month. We could have a meet up and I could bring my Type-s, it could only be for an hour or so as I will need to be traviling most of the day.


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