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Hello everyone!

This is an interest check for a set (26 keys, from A to Z) with the letters in Skyrim Dragon's Alphabet (you can find the letters here :

the only thing that we would have to decide is what letter use for the "C" as the dragons use the letter "K" or "S".

I don't know anything about the price for the set, I took contact with QWERkeys, and I'm waiting an answer.

Just let me know if you guys are interested in this!

SP double shot can't make those pointy sweeps. So, who were you thinking that could get these printed.

This might be expensive and you'll need a moq of 100 sets.


You will most likely need to dyesub this run. If you were to double-shot, you would need to pay for each new legend. And it's pretty expensive.

That would be a pretty cool set to do in some sort of black on grey. Definitely one you'd have to run as a dyesub set though.

@1391401 That rule is new to me too, didn't notice it till that post. I understand why though, it only takes one guy to ruin it for the majority. The criteria for it would have to be something along the lines of "Run one or more successful group buys with 0 issues they were at fault for." Makes it virtually impossible for new people to start running group buys though, but that part can be revisited at a later date I'm assuming. Mods are on lockdown atm, that's all it means. I would expect being a well established member of the forum (over 1k posts) would merit a decent amount of backup for it, because by then most people should "know" you.


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