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--- Quote from: Rhienfo on Thu, 13 June 2024, 21:54:40 ---
--- Quote from: scootbroer on Mon, 10 June 2024, 09:37:48 ---I've been using this Vault 35 HHKB with Banana Milk Tactiles as one of my main boards for about a year now.

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Very cute board.

--- Quote from: Rob27shred on Mon, 10 June 2024, 14:45:52 --- (Attachment Link)
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Finally built my Matrix 8XV3.0 & man is it a nice board! I decided against using the weird alum skeleton plate it came with & got a full PP plate for it from Hype Keyboards. Which ended up pairing super nicely with the Gateron Deeppings I used, it definitely surpassed my expectations which were fairly high given the price of the board. The whole build is as follows, solder PCB, aftermarket full PP plate, hand lubed Gateron Deeppings, TX AP screw in stabs lubed with 205g0, plate gasket mounted, topped off with JTK Griseann.

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Oooh this is very cool. Those skeleton plates suck pretty hard so yeah right decision to go for an aftermarket plate. I really like "the mainline" tkls because to me, they strike a good balance between being standard keyboards and being "matrix keyboards" in that over the top sense like that alice that was ridiculous lol. Still prefer the 1.2/og but can't go wrong with this.

--- Quote from: ohm-ish on Thu, 13 June 2024, 18:32:21 ---Show Image

For now I'm using a Varmilo VEM88 V2 with EC Rose switches.
So far it's the best keyboard I've had.
Very basic, but very good for me. I enjoy using it.
I'm using it just as it was from the store, but I'm looking at getting some custom keycaps. Not many to find for nordic ISO layout..

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Everyone has a starting point, glad to see you are enjoying it.

Might be out of your budget but there are gmk sets that have that support in stock right now from oblotzky and they are pretty cool. GMK is the gold standard for custom caps so you will get good quality stuff.

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Yep, I took one look at that monstrosity of a plate & was like "nope, nope, nope...". Also the PP plate really surprised me as to how much I like the feel & sound with it! I do agree with your take on Matrix's mainline TKLs. I've always prefered their more clean & subtle look vs Matrix's usual loud & in your face designs so the 3.0 was a no brainer to finally add a Matrix board to my collection. Don't get me wrong I do think a lot of Matrix's wild designs are very cool, but most of them are just too busy for my tastes.

My boss give me an OG80, and I used it for my work

My new daily driver, Keychron Q10:

Zensai65 with GMK CYL Tiramisu:



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