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Hey Dudes!
Welcome to the Killed By Kaps MX keycap sale, these are some of my recent creations that i would love to get out into the world :). Much has improved since my last sale, stronger resin, tighter fit, and a smoothed and less abrasive feels. This sale features "Death Lives: Final Cuts" a finalized version of the previous death lives caps. I wanted to improve on some aspects of the previous design and i am very happy with how things turned out with this finalized version.

Also the introduction of WARus! a battle scared walrus whom roams the deep sea (do walrus's dive into the deep?) i have no idea but he has a giant harpoon wound in his head.

thanks for reading! and most importantly thank you for your support! I will continue to use the funds obtained in this sale to purchase new and exciting materials as well as be able to continue improving craftsmanship and to bring out some new designs.

***FUN FACTS!***
I. 3 cap limit per person!
II. Don't edit your post(s) after posting your dibs! lets keep this fair to other members!
III. Send Payment as a gift or please add 3% for paypal fees
IV. Dibs are accepted by posts or pm's, posts are encouraged to help show others what is left if im slow updating but not required

ConUS - Included in price
International - Please add $5 to your order

*some bottoms may contain small air bubbles


1. Fleshtemple (fleshy pink) - $10
2. Battery Acid (yellow green w/black eyes) - $10
3. Nightmare (faux steel w/ red eyes) - $10 ($$$ will be donated to GH)
4. The Trooper (burnt fatigue green) - $10
5. Lucky Charm (gold face trans green) - $10
6. Bippity Boppity Blue (faux metal face blue body) - $10
7. Bone Daddy (bone face w/ red eyes black body) - $10
8. Disco Green (pea green face black body) - $10
9. Disco Melon (melon face black body) - $10
10. Disco Pink (pink face black body) - $10
11. Wedding Cake (shimmery white) - $10

***WARUS MX***

12. Red Velvet (red head white body) - $10
13. Gun Smoke (faux metal head black body) - $10
14. Radioactive (purple head w/battery acid eyes black body) - $10
15. Blue Steel (faux metal head trans blue body) - $10
16. Nightmare (faux steel head w/ red eyes) - $10
17. Woompa White (faux metal head white body) - $10
18. Riptide Rush (purple head lavender body LED friendly) - $10
19. Dirty Bubble Yum (faux metal head pink body) - $10
20. Harlot Red (red head black body) - $10

<3 HipsterPunks

It is so awesome to see how your work is progressing. Thank you for also keeping your prices low!

God damn #15 O_O


--- Quote from: Sifo on Thu, 03 April 2014, 10:19:15 ---God damn #15 O_O

--- End quote ---

Ive got my eye on that one too ;)


--- Quote from: SpAmRaY on Thu, 03 April 2014, 10:17:55 ---It is so awesome to see how your work is progressing. Thank you for also keeping your prices low!

--- End quote ---

Thanks Ray! I met alot of awesome people on here and you guys help keep me going. Geekhack means a lot to me


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