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hi there!
« on: Sat, 06 January 2018, 17:49:21 »
hello all!

I haven't been into keyboards for that long, but about a month ago I tried a friend's board with Cherry MX Blue switches and I was hooked. I've done a lot of reading since then, but I'm far from knowledgeable :D

Just getting into the hobby now, I ordered a cheap eBay switch tester to really pin down which switches I like/don't like. Hopefully I might get my first mechanical board soon!

any and all advice for this noob is much appreciated :D

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Re: hi there!
« Reply #1 on: Sat, 06 January 2018, 18:30:46 »
Hey! Welcome to geekhack :D

Those switch testers are pretty decent. A lot of people (correctly) say that they don't reflect real typing but I was able to find the exact modded switch I liked best, for my first board. Good luck! :thumb:
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