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Hi there from Barcelona
« on: Fri, 12 January 2018, 15:51:00 »
Hi everyone, I'm Stunny :D

Im a software engineering student from Barcelona, and i finally joined this forum after purchasing the parts for my first 60% keyboard (Gateron Black switches and gh60 pcb). I'm pretty excited about it, since i've been checking out the GH60 threads and there are some sick looking builds out there.

My main interests and hobbies are comics (Vertigo comics rule), music, beer and having fun while coding random stuff. And i've just recently got into mech keyboards, and since this is new for me, I'm looking forward to have some real fun.

If you have any questions, go ahead and ask me... But first, anyone know if there's any website that sells spanish layout iso keycap sets? I dont mind ansi, but i'd prefer to have my "" and "" nice and accessible with no macros or layers.