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Hello from Reno, NV
« on: Sat, 13 January 2018, 13:44:42 »
I have been a really long-time lurker here (member since 2011) and just became much more active in December 2017.

I got into mechanical keyboards circa 2010 with a Filco Majestouch with MX Browns. Keyboards that I have owned and enjoyed over the years were an IBM Model M (1390131), an Avant Prime, a Topre Realforce 104, HHKB Pro 2, HHKB Lite, KUL ES87, a Planck, and a couple of custom builds. Currently my go to switch is the Gateron Greens as I really enjoy that heavy feel. One thing I know, though, is that my tastes change from time to time.

Currently I'm using a custom build (see What Keyboard Are You Using Now?), a Planck, and the KUL ES87.
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