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Captain BadAss' Keycon Midwest 2015 Thread

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Keycon is over so here are some shoutouts.

A photodump and link to my presentations can be found here

Hi I usually treat Geekhack like Twitter/Instagram during Keycons or meetups so here's a thread to contain all the stupid.

So in addition to my collection:

This pile also has:

- Sample Novatouch thanks to CM Storm's Carter and mkawa
- Engineering Sample from KBParadise of the V80 MTS, a TKL Alps board with lots of Matias switches
- Vol 1 and 2 of Tactile Fanzine
- Stuff for Sale and to give away

And it will have...

- wcass' surprise package

All of which will be at the Con.


Cars packed

Starting the weekend off right


Spotted in Indiana. We don't need no keys out here

Safe travels! Have fun!

I look forward to your twitterhack postings, see you tomorrow. :D


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