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Keyboard of the Month - The Return

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Great idea, I have a keyboard. IBM 1392595. I am still using it. Amazing.
Edit: This has been an ongoing joke between katushkin and myself.
        Nothing to see here. Carry on.

This keyboard I am mentioning wasn't just done in a day. A controller swap with a 1391401 and some clever work to have the indicator lights on it. (I really like having them.) Here are a few pictures I still found from the project.
It wasn't hard to do, just a bit of time and patience. Remember if you get a terminal IBM model M keyboard, there are options. You can use an Orihalcon adapter if you can still obtain one. You can swap controllers and eliminate the frustration of not having a usable keyboard as another example. You would still need an SDL to PS/2 cable.

Now it's March.


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