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Enhance your mechanical keyboard with the Norse Knob, a meticulously crafted artisan knob designed specifically for rotary encoders. Inspired by Norse mythology, this knob features a stunning design that adds a touch of sophistication to your keyboard setup. Each knob is meticulously fit-tested to ensure optimal performance. Please note that slight cosmetic imperfections and variations may occur between knobs, and from what is shown in the promotional photos.
Due to the intricate nature of the knot pattern, each Norse Knob may have slight variations, making it a truly unique piece for your keyboard setup.

Product Details

[*] Material: Resin, brass inserts, and hard steel screw
[*] Hex Key is included
[*] Mounting Mechanism: Universal stem for all encoders
[*] Dimensions: Outer diameter - 18 mm, Height - 18 mm

Product Images
[*] Imgur
[*] Stem

[*] Price: $28 USD
[*] Product links:
    [*] White-Blue
    [*] Red and Red-Black
    [*] Green

[*] International shipping is available with tracking.
[*] Delivery Times:
    - 15-30 days - $0 USD (all countries, full tracking)
    - ~14-17 days - $0 USD (US only, partial tracking)
[*] Knobs will be shipped from Ukraine.
[*] Please note that shipping delays may occur but I am doing my best to avoid it.

Payment Methods
[*] Payment method: PayPal

Get in Touch
[*] Website:
[*] Instagram: vkeycaps
[*] Discord:

Order Information
[*] All orders will be shipped within 7 business days.
[*] Please note that shipping delays may occur but I am doing my best to avoid it.

Approval bump :thumb:

Shipping from Ukraine is available. Will take a bit longer and only 1 option is available for me right now.

Update. Gluttony V2

New collection.


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