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Going to keep this short. This board explores the concept of duality in almost every aspect. Two-tone colorways, the art directly, perceptions of the art, between the art, two plate design, and other configuration aspects. Won't bore you here, but it has evoked reactions positive and negative and prompted some great philosophical conversations. Thank you to Baion for all the design inspiration. You are a GOAT (or maybe a baphomet hehe) and your support means the world. Everyone continue to support him. Thank you to Geon for the amazing Tadpole mount.



* Mounting Styles: Tadpole (through PCB), Tadpole Plateless, PCB Top, Plate Top, O-ring (made possible with 2 different plates)
* Case Top Layout: WKL, WK
* Typing Angle: 7 degrees
* Front Height: 17.5mm
* PCB: Custom PCB by Mechlovin. Planning to offer FR4 and CEM-3
* Cable: Pico-EZmate
* Indicators: Capslock and Scroll Lock
* Support: Split Backspace, Split Right Shift, 7u and 10u spacebar
* Colorways: Bloodline, Astral, Pazuzu, Benevolence, Raven, Vision (explanation and examples in the IC form)
* Special Edition: SE but not limited! Will be all black Raven colorway. Black coated Brass weight instead of Copper or SS. It will also have the internal and external weight art swapped.
* Internal Accent: Reads "As above, So below, As within, So without, As the universe, So the soul"
* Tops: You will be able to purchase extra TOPS
* Badges: You will be able to purchase extra BADGES
* Pricing: $600-$700. Yes this is an expensive board. Am I juicing the price? No. I have posted a manufacturing cost breakdown in my discord. Clip of Blacksimon doing a cost breakdown is also below.
* Vendors: After the drama with Mechs & Co. I wanted to greatly simplify this. I am going to use Prestige Keys in order to fulfill to locations outside of the Americas. We are consulting on the best logistics approach in order for the process to be as easy as possible for the consumer when it comes to taxes and timelines. Jakob has been extremely helpful and responsive with Cor and now Duality. Please reach out to me with any questions.
* Manufacturer: Dadesin
* Buy Type: Unlimited
Blacksimon Reviews IC and Cost Breakdown

Typing Tests
Astral with Zaku on POM
Bloodline with Cthulhu on POM
Astral with CJ Plateless
Nixies on Alu coming this week. Plan to have a total of 20-30 typing tests over the next few months.

Additional Photos

Next Steps

* Additional colorways have been ordered. Should be shipping to me next week
* Work through vendors and logistics. I will fulfill all US orders.
* Typing test mounting which still needs to be showcased: Top mount, o-ring, PCB Top mount
* Additional typing tests with more plate materials
* CEM-3 PCB testing
* Once I receive my additional units, I will get them in circulation with content creators
* Finalize pricing and GB details. I am planning on keeping this open for an extended period of time. I am looking at 60-90 days to make sure everyone can see 20-30 typing tests and a good amount of content while the GB is open.

Liking the mounting options and colors. Excited for this one!


--- Quote from: Bluejay on Tue, 16 May 2023, 16:34:17 ---Liking the mounting options and colors. Excited for this one!

--- End quote ---
Thank you! I am excited for all the tests coming down the pipeline.

Will buy two because it's called Duality xD


--- Quote from: Aethelberht on Tue, 16 May 2023, 16:39:49 ---Will buy two because it's called Duality xD

--- End quote ---


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