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What are you watching? The thread about what you're watching.

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--- Quote from: noisyturtle on Sun, 27 August 2023, 18:28:53 ---I remember watching Hackers in school, and the teacher didn't know there were boobs in the movie. When Angie peeled her shirt off the whole class went crazy. Or at least the boys did.

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I was like 8 when I was obsessed with it so I never really cared about that in fact I cared so little I didn't know there was nudity until I watched a video about the film a couple years ago lol, I just liked the cool hacking stuff, appealed to my child brain lol.

Outer Limits vs Twilight Zone.

Very tough decision.


--- Quote from: tp4tissue on Tue, 29 August 2023, 23:45:21 ---
Outer Limits vs Twilight Zone.

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Twilight Zone was more sophisticated and better executed, but The Outer Limits was more experimental and inconsistent.

As a young teenager when they were on, I can tell you that the Twilight Zone was more "interesting" but that The Outer Limits was far more "scary" ....

Gremlins is Mario, Critters is Sonic


wtf were they thinking i genuinely struggled to hold in my laugh during the movie


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