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Hi everyone, I recently bought a Kinesis Evolution Board on a local online marketplace for 50 euro. And I thought I'd share it with everyone since there aren't all to many recent sources on the board. The board comes with MX Browns and it was produced in early 2001. The board has some wear to it, so I plan to clean it somewhere next week. For now, I'm trying to gather some extra information about it. So if anyone knows something about the board, for example if it's rare or worth something aswell as general stuff, please share.

Thank you in advance!

Great find and in really clean shape! If you want to play around a bit or learn some more about the keyboard attached are the most recent manuals I could find for this line of keyboards. I am also happy to ask any specific questions about the keyboard to the designers if you have any. (full disclosure I work at Kinesis)

Would love to find a replacement for mine. Have an older version. Company was local to MN, US at that time, and I visited their facility. Decided to buy 2 .. One for home, one for office. They were spendy, $1000 or more US for the chair and keyboard combo new at that time. I still have two chairs, but only one keyboard which has seen LOTs of use over the years. I'm working on reviving it, but really doesn't want to clean well anymore, and the glidepad no longer works.. Actual keys seem to be functional, but without the glidepad, defeats the ergonomics pretty effectively.

I used the board for some time myself now untill 2 of the keys broke, I used it in combination with 3D prints I created myself. After that I decided to look for something more modern so I'm currently looking to let this one go.


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