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Are Colemak, Dvorak is better than Qwerty?

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Hello guys What do you guys think? I'm a dvorak typer but I don't know if changing to dvorak makes an improvement on me. And because of dvorak I can't seem to play games again cause of dvorak. Are dvorak or Colemak is better than qwerty?

I'm trying to type w/ Dvorak. I have a toggle layer on my keyboards for qwerty for games, too lazy to remap every key for every game.


--- Quote from: Deductivemonkee on Mon, 25 January 2016, 21:42:11 ---I'm trying to type w/ Dvorak. I have a toggle layer on my keyboards for qwerty for games, too lazy to remap every key for every game.

--- End quote ---
Can someone convince me that dvorak doesn't make any diffirince in typing. Cause everything is so hard when using dvorak!

Also look into Workman, that's what I use. It's similar to Colemak, which is better than Dvorak IMO.

I tried all the mentions layouts for a while. I gave them all a fair shot. Dvorak, Workman, Colemak... In the end none of them where worth it for me. This has been because of several reasons.
First, i type a lot. But i don't write as my main job. My job as an IT Professional involves quite some writing, but none of it is either time critical (like transcribing speech) nor long texts in a row. So, my need to improve my keyboard situation is more a personal quest than a necessity.
Second i largely disagree with the idea, that more Homerow usage is better. With all layouts optimised for homerow usage, i find my fingers get cramped really fast. The overall movement qwerty requires is something i do enjoy and my handy seem to do so to. But this is personal preference.
After all that, i use a mac, with a windows vm on it. Both productive with a microsoft keyboard. So any remappings need to be done through the os. Adding Layouts to mac is rather cumbersome and there aren't many readily available. And if you find the one you want, getting correct mappings in the VM is a gamble. Plus modifier remapping simply doesn't work, so no caps lock remap. On Top of that i use RDP most of the day on hundreds of Servers. So Mac to VM to RDP your almost guaranteed that your keyboard layout gets lost. It's the same with key combos. The "\" e.g. is cmd-shift-7 on the Mac, AltGr- in the VM. Parallels trys using mac combos in the VM, so technically both work (mostly). The RDP Session is all over the place and confused about all that. Same goes with keyboard layouts.
Adding to that, my job requires me to work on dozens of computers a day. All of them with qwerty. This makes transitioning harder and no one would be able to work on my machine anymore.

So yeah, i can see where the ideas for all these layouts come from. But i largely disagree with the premise that rearranging letters gets more ergonomic. Splitting, Tenting and not Staggering helps much more (for me). Plus the focus the layout should take is very personal. I just need some movement in my hands. It reduces errors and doesn't tier my hands so much.
In the end, it's mostly a convenience thing for me.  ;)


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