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[GB] GMK Red Alert - shipping confirmed Jan/Feb 2023!

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--- Quote from: break on Wed, 08 March 2023, 16:39:52 ---
--- Quote from: Puddsy on Sat, 04 March 2023, 15:25:07 ---turns out mechs and co is extremely close to where i live and it got here this morning

thank you USPS

set looks great, thanks so much for running this and excited to have been able to get a set

do the same thing but in blue next pls

--- End quote ---

Glad to hear you're enjoying. :)

I have heard folks are interested in seeing GMK Blue Alert. I'd love to run it (if I wasn't retired lol), but that's less straightforward - some other runners are exploring it though.

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i might roll over and do it once dark sky ships, my first GMK set was one of the oco olivetti sets and i want that again

Would love to see a blue alert! Especially if the blue was on the darker side, and double especially if it was anything close to Olivetti.

did mykeyboard "forget" to pay their gmk invoices? clowns didn't even receive their units to date


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