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ePBT Axolotls!
A pbt cherry profile keycap set based on one of my favorite animals

Group buy July 13th-August 13th

Estimated to ship Q1 2022

Vendors and Prices

Worldwide- KBDfans     
South America-Fancy Customs


All about that base, this kit will cover most tkl, 60/65%s, and features UK ISO, alice B and F13 [size]

Number pad add on

Larva (40's)
This kit should cover most of the popular 40% keyboards out there.
Please note due to IC feedback I opted to keep icon mods for enter, shift, tab, and backspace because I think those legends in text + mod form are ugly on smaller u keys.

Tails (Space bars) and Mini Bars
The Tails kit features a space bar in each accent color in 7u and 6.25u as well as an alpha 6u. That makes 7 tails
The mini bars kit features alpha and accent bars smaller sizes
To be clear these are two different kits!

Morphs (Accents)
Accent colors


Each novelty kit features a color based on some of my favorite axolotl morphs. Repetition of novs is by design. Different layouts will need the faces on different rows to accommodate all 4. E.G. a TKL can fit all 4 in an f cluster but a 65 could put them in a macro column. The leucistic kit also has .

Axolotls are probably illegal to own where you live but this kit isn't.

Board Renders

Pictured on RAMA M60 by RAMA works

Pictured on the TGR Jane by Yuktsi

Pictured on the Rosa by Oggi

Pictured on Alice by Yuktsi

Pictured on RAMA M65a by RAMA works

Pictured on TGR-910 by Yuktsi

Pictured on Cypher by Cable Car designs

Pictured on RAMA U80 by RAMA works

Desk Mat

Choose between Quatrolotls  and Axolotsls. 900x400,4mm thick, rubber bottom mats with Pantone 705U stitching   

Vendors and Prices Again!
South America-

Metal Artisan- Asero Foundry

Features Champaign pink cerakote and white laser engraving 

Shirouu caps - RAFFLE JULY 21st!

Cables- Cookie Cables

Resin artisans- Miroticaps and more coming later

Other stuff!
Axolotl-fy your whole setup with stickers, coasters, cups, clothing, and more through my Redbubble shop.
Shop link

Find me

Instagram -
Discord - Ty#0711
Linktree -

MoreKit rendered as close to how they appear in D50 light as possible.
Everyone has different monitors and different lighting so colors may vary
Alpha keys - 9224u
Modifier keys - 705U
Legends - 217U
   Wild-7485U keys, 2422U Novelty legends
   Golden- 600U keys, 136U Novelty legends
   Melanoid- 2330U keys, Black 6U Novelty legends
   Leucistic- Match modifier keys and legends
Shout outs
A special thanks goes out to all the friends who helped and supported me along the way (Bub, Tom, Andromache, Skok and many more)
NoPun, Hali, and Aad who helped with kitting
A second shout out Skok for sick renders.
And thank YOU for reading this far.

Group buy Live July 13th - August 13th!

I love this. As a fan of axolotls myself, I will be picking up base and leucistic novelties. Well done.

--- Quote from: boku on Mon, 12 July 2021, 19:48:33 ---I love this. As a fan of axolotls myself, I will be picking up base and leucistic novelties. Well done.

--- End quote ---

Thank you so much for the support!

 GB is LIVE on KBDFans, KONO, and MyKeyboard!
Dailyclack and basekeys live!



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