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[GB] ePBT Axolotls | kono shipping soon, Alphakeys reappeared

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sample photo from kbdfans
Going off the photo, I feel that the legend color is still more saturated than renders but at this point I don't know if its different enough to warrant delaying the set even further and they may be as good as its going to get. I'll wait to see it with my own eyes before passing judgement

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Looks fantastic!
Production has completed and this is ready to ship to vendors.
I was lead to believe the vendor in charge of deskmats had shipped the other vendors their mats back and December (and no one else told me otherwise) but it seems there was a mix up and they never sent them until recently, hopefully mats arrive to vendors soon.

Also, has gone radio silence and closed their discord to messages. They are not answering messages to arrange for shipping of the deskmats (keycap shipping was arranged awhile back)
If youíre an alphakeys customer do you best to contact them, I donít know if theyíre fulfilling orders at all or have gone out of business. Itís probably worth contacting your CC company/paypal if you bought from them.

Thatís quite unfortunate. I joined the gb through alphakeys, and have since switched banks, so I canít even contact them for a refund. I sent a message to Mike (owner of alphakeys) and no replyÖ sounds like I might be sol ?


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