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IBM geekhack key group buy - Mar 2011

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I'm in for 5.  Has unicomp confirmed they can/will do this?

Yep, here's the reply I got:
"We can do the Geek Hack on one button but it would be costly. 1 button would be $5.00."

Just in case they can't actually do an all caps text would that be a big problem?


kill will:
i would buy 5 of them if they were red with black text.  lavender.  gross.

Will only buy if they get print right.

I wrote Chuck to confirm 100% that they can do it in all caps, same layout as the existing GH keys. I'm still waiting for the answer. These could be both 1-piece or 2-piece, up to us.

So, let's make them red for starters and then we can follow up with other colors.



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