Author Topic: Couple Issues - Searching and Quoting  (Read 4213 times)

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Couple Issues - Searching and Quoting
« on: Mon, 26 April 2021, 07:45:46 »
1. Seems like when searching anywhere on the forum, you can't go past Page 1 of the results - clicking on any of the subsequent pages brings back an empty page.

2. Any chance we could fix quotes so that emojis don't break when replying with a quote? There's a user who constantly breaks the quotes just so they can reply with an emoji.


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Re: Couple Issues - Searching and Quoting
« Reply #1 on: Mon, 26 April 2021, 19:29:18 »
Item #1 is news to me, thanks for pointing that out! It's probably worth mentioning here for anyone who doesn't know, the best way to search the forum is with google (search "<search term>"). :thumb: Regardless, it would be nice if the lackluster site search at least worked as intended :)) - I'll pass this along to the backend team. :thumb:

I'll also bring #2 up, I can't recall if that's been investigated yet or not. We might have had bigger fish to fry when it was first discovered, and it hasn't been revisited. We also need to fix the laughing smiley, that bug is really annoying too.

Thanks again dg :)