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Your Lord has Arrived!
PBT Lord is Live now across the globe

PBT Lord GB has started!
Color Code: WS1, Black
GB Period: July 15th - Aug 15th
Lead time: 3-4 months (mainly due to shipping. Please expect potential delay)

If you want to receive faster updates, please consider join CMM.Studio discord

It will be made by Milkyway, Cherry Profile PBT
The expected lead time is a month after full payment received by manu, lead time varies based on GB number
The proto has already been made and taken picture of. Will be uploading them shortly

AS: ZionStudios:
AU: CustomKBD:
CA: Deskhero:
EU: CandyKeys:
South America: Fancy Customs:
US: KeysPensory:

NO MOQ, all kits will be made

Without any further info, lets see final kittings and renders, and of course prototypes.

Final Kitting

Base - $ 70

Novelty - $ 16

Spacebar - $ 14


PBT Lord X Fuji75

PBT Lord X Fuji65

PBT Lord X Unkown Board

PBT Lord X Clap Keyboards Fire


PBT Lord Prototype on Matrix Falcon

PBT Lord Prototype on Fuji65 E-White

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Re: [GB] PBT Lord | Live Now!
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Re: [GB] PBT Lord | Live Now!
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Oooo, those novelties!!