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[IC] Polaris V2 - Reference 60% Keyboard - Updated based on survey data

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Polaris V2
Reference 60% keyboard by Kevinplus and ai03

In 2019, we changed the keyboard scene forever with the release of Polaris, bringing much-acclaimed typing acoustics and comfort in an accessible package which holds its own even today.
Fast-forward three years, and Polaris is back - retaining everything that made the original legendary, while redesigning it thoroughly to stand yet again as a reference against ever-evolving standards.

Latest status:
- Units will be produced with and without rear logo
- Hotswap PCB has been changed to default 2U backspace with optional 1U positions
- Base kit now has a choice between hotswap and soldered options.
Details here

To improve communications, all updates regarding this project will be centralized on its webpage and mirrored to Discord for push notifications.
Since I often forget to check and post updates to every single location, please use the update page for guaranteed latest status updates.

Top-Tier Typing For All
Polaris V2 brings the battle-tested fully isolated gasket-mounted internals from Vega back to the original 60% form factor, with tweaks to further enhance acoustic performance while maintaining its absolute comfort for countless hours of usage.
With improvements to ease of assembly, Polaris V2 ensures that you can enjoy the input benefits regardless of keyboard experience.

Reference Aesthetic Outside and In
The proven elegant, clean, and minimal exterior free of any visible screws has received much-needed modernization from Vega, while quietly improving internally for streamlined manufacturing and simplified assembly.
Along with its matte PVD-coated stainless steel weight, Polaris V2’s visuals are designed to withstand the test of time, carrying its elegance forward many decades while blending seamlessly into any environment.

To Fulfill Your Desires
Every custom keyboard is different, and Polaris V2 is designed to be different - with multiple plate options, optional hotswap standoffs, and three optional layers of internal foam, you can tune Polaris V2 exactly the way you desire, ranging from anywhere between switch choice tester to dialed-in finalized build.
Every small detail was designed with much care to make Polaris V2 your ideal keyboard, down to the custom-designed screws, custom-designed rubber feet, and accent logo on the rear.

Hassle-Free Yet Extensible
The thin, flex-slotted hotswap PCB comes ready-to-go out of the box with VIA Configurator compatible firmware, requiring no soldering or driver headaches to assemble.
A solderable PCB kit is available for those who prefer to tailor the layout exactly to their preferences, and a much-requested replaceable USB daughterboard aids in extending the lifespan of the board.

Preparing For What’s Next
A lot has changed since 2019 when Polaris V1 was announced - the keyboard community has grown exponentially, the world has changed permanently, and keyboard variety has skyrocketed.
We’ve combined both everything we’ve learned as well as brand-new knowledge to create the successor of the board which started our journey. Albeit against high expectations, we’re confident that Polaris V2 will fit in as a faithful member of your keyboard collection both for the present and for the future - whether as your single endgame build or among a family of other boards.

Case weight: ~1.2kg
Plate materials: Aluminum, Polycarbonate
Case top variants: Regular, WKL, Corner Blocker
Case colors: Black, Grey, White, Yellow-Orange, Red, Blue
Dimensions: 296 x 110 x 28mm
Typing angle: 6.5deg
Sale method: To be announced
Price: To be announced
Vendor: TypePlus
Stock configuration: Case + choice of either hotswap PCB + hotswap plate kit or solderable PCB + universal plate kit

Hotswap PCB layout:

Solderable PCB layouts:

Reserved just in case

Yes please

I've been waiting for so long and it's finally here. Can't wait for more details!


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