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Trans movement.

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Did some reading today.

>pu7in>jk rowling comment>cancel culture> trans movement.

It would seem that humanity's processing power has greatly increased, therefore we now have the free time and space to "more accurately" assess the various hardware+software configuration that humans are born with.

Where previously, we've had boy girl, 0,1,   we now have the capacity for float_point processing, non binary classifications.

Probably no one is born binary,  everyone's got some decimals.  Now the challenge is to how many bits of precision do we assign to new data types.

The conservatives, want the old stuff, reduce processing load/power, ease of integration/operation in existing system environments.

The progressives, want the new system, more accuracy, development of new programs/culture possible.

Is this a workable analogy of the system update?

granola bar enthusiast:
call me an idiot but i would compare it to windows 11, it has its upsides which everyone was excited about at first but then everyone realized its issues and how it got out of hand

no hate to anyone trans or anything like that, i just find it all a bit weird

there's gonna be backwards compatibility issues with updates.  that's normal. we just make more patches.

wow 1.4 million usa identify as trans ?

That's quite alot.


--- Quote from: tp4tissue on Tue, 10 May 2022, 20:40:24 ---Where previously, we've had boy girl, 0,1,   we now have the capacity for float_point processing, non binary classifications.

--- End quote ---
That is what we teach children (and something doctors have hidden from us for a long time).

We have XX, XY, XXY, possibly XXX and then there is chimerism (2 embroyos fusing into one) and intersex.
And that's just the chromosomes, that doesn't account for the brain itself which like you said, most experts look at it as a spectrum, not M or F but M<--------->F and we all fall somewhere in between (for gender, sexuality and presentation/appearance).

As to the doctors hiding it
Genital defects are often hidden from parents so as to protect the child from the parents(!), in many cultures an imperfect baby is considered worthless. They often correct it without the parent ever even knowing it happened (they may not even bill insurance) which has led to problems for these people later in life and there being no record of the procedure that was used to "fix" them. This doesn't just happen in third world countries, it happens all over, including the US. Unfortunately doctors have covered it up from the public and so the public doesn't understand how common it really is, rumor is as high as 10% have some deformity, usually minor.  Ever meet someone who just didn't "operate" normally, it's quite possible they had reconstructive surgery without being told. This is why there's a push (with some success) by intersex people to get doctors to stop playing god on infants.

Think about how many deformed animals we see and yet we see only a very small portion of the animal kingdom, we're every bit as complex so there's no reason we don't have just as many defects.

These people have always existed, we just didn't know how many because they didn't out themselves or discuss it for fear of being ostracized or being burned at the stake.
It's not new, it's not getting out of hand, we just found better ways to classify, identify and acknowledge it without killing people.


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