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Your thoughts ? still woke/ fresh ?

I liked it. Very story-heavy, but in a good way. Also a few decent laughs along the way, although that was obviously not the focus.

R&M episodes tend to vary a lot from episode to episode so there's no guarantee at all they're gonna keep doing it very story-focused, but this one does very much set up for future episodes.

Maybe they're reinventing themselves a bit. Or maybe not xD .

I hate how meta the show has become. I miss the first 2 seasons where all the episodes could stand on their own, and just the last one of the season was some meta continuation of plot.
This ****in' sucks now, the jokes and characters are stale, the plot's no longer surprising or interesting to me.
It's the same exact **** that happened to Adventure Time.

edit - I did really like the noise the walkie-talkies made in ep2, that was really funny

everything is good so far for me. expecting a bit more next lvl stuff from later episodes though.

Eh, I liked it. Not bad. First one was better though.


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