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[IC] Quantum60 - 60%XT Plateless Gummy O-Ring mount - Reservations Started

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Quantum60 - 60%Xt Plateless Gummy O-Ring Mount

Credit: Alexotos

Mounting - Plateless Gummy O-ring mount, Top mount.
Layout - 60%XT with WKL and WK options.
Colours - Sand and Red only
Typing Angle -  6.5 degree typing angle.
Materials - Aluminium 6063, Stainless Steel, Polycarbonate.
Weight - ≈ 2.2Kg / 4.85 lbs Built.
Front Height - ≈19mm adjusted for front lip (≈24mm EKH)
Plates - Aluminium Included, optional extras of Polypropylene, Carbon Fibre, POM.
Price - $550 USD
Date - June 2024
Unit Count - 100 In-Stock Units
Vendors - No Vendors, handled myself in the UK

Sale Details:
Reservation system is live on the website ( In-stock sale for remaining units will go live sometime in June. Please make sure to read through all the information here and in the discord server regarding reservations.

* Maximum of 50 reserved units
* Deposit of $125 with the remainder to be paid once all the units arrive in the UK
* Reservations will choose the unit number (engraved on every unit, e.g. 001, 052)
* First choice of colour, layout and extra parts
* Reservations to be shipped before the In-Stock sale
* First choice for A or B stock
Please join the discord and read through the updates channel for more information


Alexotos' Hyperlapse:

Tofu Types Overview:

Clackbait Sound Test:

Nixies Sound Test:

Sarokeys BCP Sound Test

Quick Sound Test:


* Alpine Green
* Sand
* Crimson Red
* Faded GreyNote - Only Sand and Red for 100 unit sale due to MOQ.

Colour Samples:
Initial Colour Samples, Each colour varies dramatically with lighting. Updated Green is on the right. Please refer to these for colour accuracy and not the renders.

Mounting System:                                                                                         Assembly Guide:



Expand for Previous Revisions



Solder and Hotswap LayoutsThanks to SmollKeebs for the design.


* Are the O-Rings standard?
No, the O-Rings are custom sized. Additional hardnesses and extras will be available.


* Discord:
* IC Form:


Finally plateless xt after Jubi

However, not a fan that you can see the two different colors from all sides. If Top and Bottom have different colors, I would rather only see bottom color from behind only and from side. Looks kinda weird to me otherwise.

Sand is a grey?

Bottom always silver and Top is the mentioned colors?

Color samples, bottom and top pic are the same colors?

Hope price can be reduced with GB.

The top and bottom aluminium cases are the same colour, I think the silver piece you are referring to is the stainless steel weight along the edge and the polycarbonate piece. I am right in thinking that?

Sand is a tan colour.

Yes both colour samples are the same colours, just in different lighting conditions and a different order.

hell yeah, this is very cool. that's a smart design to allow for traditional o-ring mount, always cool to see new approaches to mounting

any chance of exploded view  ;D


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