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Update 2023-06-30: PSA Regarding Mechs & Co and Vendor Group Buys

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Posting the new update regarding mech&co here. Please read this as a set you bought may be involved.

It is super cool that Novelkeys is doing this for the community; this honestly seems like a ton of work to do for no repayment beyond good will in the hobby.

I know that Milkyway put the sets destined for Mechs & Co. for sale on their own website a while back, so I'm glad most folks will be able to get their GMK sets.

Putting it here as well cause we were talking about it, project keyboard got a court order to dissolve and to end operations (thanks bachoo who was were I found this from)

Was able to get Affirm to refund my order for GMK Regal. Despite my order being over their 60 day period, they were kind enough to look into my claim as a one time courtesy.

Was already posted in the gmk nord thread but thought would post the reddit thread here.

Reddit thread saying that MK Ultra has shut down

pretty self explanatory, just want to add that apparently he had no money to refund people, so chargeback immediately as you likely won't be getting the items you ordered or your money back from him directly.


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