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by TKD
Post edited by Click Clack

Hi, keyboard enthusiasts! Following the Cycle7, we are excited to introduce TKD's second creation the Cycle8.

We named our product line "Cycle" (Recurrence), reminding us not to forget the path we've traveled and the passion we uphold, and with our second keyboard in the Cycle line, we are happy to look back and see our progress come to life.

If the Cycle7 was a fresh endeavor for us, we aim for the Cycle8 to be a more refined project built upon that foundation.

The Cycle8, as the name shows, is an 80%/TKL kit keyboard that resembles one of the most iconic layouts in the keyboard community and history.



The minimalist design concept of the Cycle8 is also inclusive. One of the techniques TKD has focused on in designing the Cycle8 is how to utilize lines to convey our message cleverly.

A single line cannot cycle on its own, but when lines are made symmetrical, repeated, or rotated, they can evoke the essence of cycling.

Frame Proportion

As 80% is a conventional and classic size, the proportions of the front frame are crucial and demand serious consideration. Different proportion allocations can bring about vastly different tones and styles. Therefore, we have meticulously redesigned and adjusted the frame proportions of Cycle.

Decorative Lighting Strip (Optional)

To emphasize the essence of Cycling, we have added a stepwise accent lighting strip in the direction cluster, enhancing the Cycle's front recognition. While this feature is optional, we believe another approach to TKL is to focus more on quality by providing a clean direction cluster without lighting.

Weight Division

We have divided the bottom weight of the Cycle8 into three symmetrical segments using curved lines, each treated with different surface finishes and materials to enrich its visual appeal.

Side Profile

This aspect has been revitalized in the Cycle8. By using 3D surfaces and lines, we have given it a more dynamic and three-dimensional appearance, enhancing its sculptural presence.

The produc images below are all captured from real keyboards. Due to variations in lighting conditions, environment setup and screen calibration, visual variations are expected.

Materials and Treatment Processes


The cases are produced using CNC machining from 6063-T6 aluminum alloy. It combines anodization and electrostatic adsorption coating (TKDcoating) surface treatment.

Battery Compartment Cover and Optional Weight

Battery compartment cover is implemented with a solid aluminum or stainless steel plate.

Additionally, we added replacement weight for wired version in place of trimode battery.

Copper-colored Anodized Aluminum Battery Compartment Cover (135g)

Brushed SS Battery Compartment Cover (392g)

Optional Brushed SS Internal Weight (340g)

* We'll decide whether to include the option to purchase brass cover plates or brass internal weights before GB. Blacksimon will conduct specific testing for this part during the build stream.

Main Weight

The keyboard's bottom consists of three separate weight blocks.

Brushed SS (348g)

Brushed + Polished-Mirror SS (348g)

Brushed + Polished-Mirror PVD SS (348g) From left to right: brushed + mirror (PVD black) / brushed + mirror (PVD gunmetal) / brushed + mirror (PVD gold).

Frosted Titanium Alloy (196g) From left to right: Purple Gradient / Gold Gradient / Natural

Crystalized Titanium Alloy (196g) From left to right: Rose Gold / Blue-Green Transition / PVD Black

EZ-assemble System - a ball-catch quick-assemble structure

The Cycle8 still adopts the ball-catch EZ-assemble system from the Cycle7. However, to achieve a frame proportion more suitable for TKL and improve assembly stability, we have produced smaller-sized ball-catch components in-house using CNC machining.

Utilizing 7-series aluminum alloy paired with hardened anodization.

Custom carbon steel springs combined with silicon nitride ball catches (compared to stainless steel balls, silicon nitride offers higher strength and inherent lubrication).

Structural Options

Dual Mounting Modes

The Cycle8 features two modes of Gasket mount, allowing for structural changes to be swiftly accomplished with the assistance of the ball-catch EZ-assemble mechanism.

Gasket Beans

This offers a more delicate and soft typing experience. We've retained the gasket beans mounting from the Cycle7, as it offers efficient and stable tactile feedback. This characteristic was proven effective in the Cycle7.

Gasket O-ring

We have introduced a new form of gasket with an O-ring, which we believe is superior to the traditional O-ring structure with single-sided support typically found in whole-board setups. This new configuration offers a more stable performance regarding pressure distribution within the PCB.

Furthermore, it largely preserves the tactile characteristics of the O-ring structure. It provides the most direct critical feedback under non-rigid connections, distinct from the soft feel of the deformation travel of comparatively fragile gasket beans.


5052 Aluminum

5052 aluminum alloy offers better tactile feedback and sound profile than 6063 aluminum.


Distinguishing itself from the PC material used in the past, the PC plate introduced this time is produced from an entirely new material and process.


PCB Options

We have upgraded the PCB providers. Expect more mature, reliable, and user-friendly solutions. The Trimode version will be Via-based without the need for proprietary software, and wired PCBs will have enhanced ESD protection for higher reliability.


Pictures TBD

The magnetic switch solution introduced by Rakka has undergone market testing and received widespread acclaim. It will provide gamers with a high-performance and stable magnetic switch solution. This reliable solution achieves low latency while pursuing theoretical performance that remains consistent with physical performance.

Rakka independently develops hardware and software and will be an option in Cycle8 kit.
- 8kHz polling rate
- Adjustable key travel from 0.1mm to 4.00mm (actual physical key travel, no dead zones), with a resolution of up to 0.05mm

For software functionality, please visit and enter demo mode (in development) for a preview simulation.

* Detailed performance test reports and user experiences will be provided through reviews during the GB phase.


For the Wired, you have the options of both Soldered PCB and Hotswap PCB.

The Wired mode is developed using the QMK official repository and supports VIA/VIAL.


- The Cycle8's Wireless mode will support VIA, eliminating the need for proprietary software with a stable firmware
- Equipped with two 2200mAh batteries
- Support using hotkey to switch mode
- Enhanced optimization for device compatibility in Bluetooth mode

Supported Layouts


Hotswap (ANSI):

Hotswap (ISO)

Magnetic Switch:

Case Ping Prevention

Building upon the foundation of the Cycle8, we have further optimized the internal structure of the Cycle8. This ensures superior sound performance even without foam filling or modifications, effectively suppressing case ping.

Foam Kits

The Cycle8 comes standard with a foam kit, including three components (mid layer, under-switch PE foam and case foam), to accommodate various assembly configurations.


China - VERTEX
North America -   Click Clack
Singapore - iLumkb
EU - Delta Key Co.
UK - proto[Typist]
South Korea - SwagKeys
Australia - Switchkeys
New Zealand - Kiwiclack
Malaysia - Rebult
Vietnam - Soigear
Thailand - Aiglatson
Philippines - Zion
Indonesia - Kukey
Argentina - LATAMKEYS
Ukraine, Poland - Funkeys
Turkey - Rationalkeys
India - NeoMacro
Japan - Basekeys
Taiwan - Typo!works/ Masje

We are committed to delivering the highest quality products at the best possible price.

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Can't wait to get this!

Will there be option to choose the TKD badge color on the back?

everything about this looks more versatile, refined and detailed that some notable limited raffle $700+ bricks with tin can ping


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