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[IC] BSUN Strawberry Cheesecake Switch - Pre-Order is LIVE!!!

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Background Introduction
Hello everyone, I am Keebaholics. Some of you might know me as the Project Manager for ALLCAPS Keyboard and Accessories in Australia. While I still work there, I feel it is time to have my own space to work on projects I love. Hence, TORO Studio came to life with the help of my friends. Cheesecake Switch is the first project the studio release to the public but there will be more to come. We have another 2 projects in the prototype phase and more information will be released soon. Please join our discord to be updated with the latest information.

Discord link:

Switch Information
Not just keyboard but I also share a great passion for food. My favourite dessert was Strawberry Cheesecake. Also, as a tactile fan, I love the Holy Panda. However, my fingers are weak and I can't type on them for long. Hence, I try to make a switch that retains the goodness of the Holy Panda but is more comfortable to type on even for a long period. That was the whole inspiration for me to make this switch a reality.

Compare the Strawberry Cheesecake switch against Holy Panda and Bsun Hutt tactile switch, it is slightly more prominent than the Drop Holy Panda and more prominent and rounded compared to the Bsun Hutt.

Switch specification:Top Housing: POK. Patone 11-0510 TPG
Bottom Housing: POK. Pantone 4026C
Stem: 13.7mm LY Stem. Pantone 19-1763 TPG
Spring: Dual-stage 18mm 60g. Bottom out at 58g (due to longer stem)
Factory lube: Yes. Factory lubrication will be applied on the stem rails and bottom housing sliders. No Lube will be applied on the Stem Leg. Dry film oil will be applied on the spring instead of oil to prevent the oil dripping down to the bottom of the housing.
Travel distance: 3.2mm
Manufacturer: BSUN
Pricing: 0.5usd/switch (in-stock pricing)
Force Graph

Switch photos:These are real photos taken from the prototypes I had. I don't know how to render so yeah lol

VendorsTo ensure the broadest reach for the switches, I will be collaborating with many vendors worldwide. This ensures that as many people can purchase this switch at the lowest possible shipping. If more vendors from other regions wish to collaborate, you can contact me and we might be able to work something out.

Whether this switch should be offered as in-stock or pre-order is still under consideration. The quantity will be limited (depending on how many switches each vendor decides to order). While I understand the frustration of waiting, I might consider having the switch go live as a quick pre-order to help out vendors financially.

Switch will be launched under the Pre-Order format now. Pre-orders launched on May 20th and will last for 2 weeks. The pre-order price will be 0.4usd (exclusive of regional tax) and in-stock extra price will be 0.5usd (exclusive of regional tax). The majority of the switches have been produced by BSUN. The final quantity will be finalised after the preorder. Any extra quantity will be produced (So this is somewhat still a limited pre-order rather than an unlimited). This ensure the fastest possible delivery to all vendors and customers

List of confirmed vendors:CA: Mech.Land
UK: Prototypist
EU: KeyGem
SG/Malaysia: Ktechs, Mecha
Indonesia: KuKey Studio
VN: UniqMech
OCE: Allcaps
Thailand: Aiglatson Studio
Taiwan: Typo! Works
JP: Basekeys
Nordics: MaxGaming
CN/ROW: NLandKeys

Sound test NLandKeys Molly60 - Alu plate - Gasket Poron Strip mount
Nuxros Keyboard Krush65 - Alu plate - Top mount and O-ring mount
Dunne Work Katze60 - Alu plate - O-ring mount
Dunne Work Kitsune - Alu plate - O-ring mount
Monokei x TGR Tomo - Alu plate - Top mount
Geon Work F1-88 - Alu plate - O-ring Gasket mount
The full playlist of sound tests can be found here:
I plan to make more sound tests in the coming days and will update the playlist. I am reaching out to some content creators to see if they keen to try out my switches and share some thoughts on it.

To-do list:- Sending out prototypes to vendors (prototypes should be sent to all vendor this week) Prototypes are shipped to all vendors.
- Reaching out to some content creators. Contents are going out slowly.
- Finalise IC and make adjustments where necessary Adjustments made regarding the sale format and pricing based on IC
Timeline: This timeline is tentative and might change depending on the progress of the project.

- Mid-April - Mid-May: IC live, sending out prototypes to vendors and content creators. Making adjustments where necessary.
- Mid-May - End of June: Production underway
- July - August: having switches ship to vendors.
- Early-August - Mid-August: product going live (this might change depending on how production progresses)
IC formLink:
I am very thankful that you have spent the time to read till the end of the IC.


mmm i love chescake very gud

nice hands

Please excuse me being an idiot and unable to read the force graph; what's the pre-travel before tactility bump and/or activation?


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