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[IC] KKB Henchmen | Vendors Confirmed, Prices Set, Hibi Announced!

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--- Quote from: XiXora on Sun, 19 May 2024, 06:26:18 ---Could the 1U novelty designs to enable XT kitting that would fit the row profiles R1R4 be a consideration?

--- End quote ---

Unfortunately the cost to do so would be quite considerable. I was playing around with options but couldn't come to anything that wasn't cost prohibitive/worked well in terms of layout.

Colour sample photos have been added to the main post, this is a good representation on my screens but please keep in mind it may vary.

Vendors have been confirmed, we're finalising a GB date currently.

Banana!! Looks great!

Updated the OP with pricing, a Hibi collab and a tentative date!


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