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W1AT by Geonworks
Hello everyone, this is the IC for DCS Hacked. I was deeply inspired when I watched Persona 5 and saw the character futaba. I thought to myself, she is literally me, and I decided to base my entire life around this, since then I have watched Persona 5 once per week at minimum and have posters of Futaba up all over my wall. Truly Futaba is the best character in all of animation, possibly all of film as well.


In all seriousness, the Inspiration is geekhack colours, in DCS. Which was chosen because DCS good and gorton legends good.

This uses stock colours and they are
Alphas  - GEW
Modifiers - NN
Legends -  OAV

Sorry if the renders are not that great, still pretty new to this and will improve my rendering skills.
Base Kit

This base kit accomodates the standard layouts for a tkl base kit (happy with the wording now...), which includes standard ansi, tsangan, along with 60%, 65%, alice and 40s now (keep in mind that the alice spacebars will be concave and not convex). Also has iso and mx hhkb support for the cool people who use them. (6u spacebar is centred, sorry for not including that)
Numpad Kit

Here is a numpad kit to accommodate the cool people who use it, pretty simple kit here.

Keep in mind that it will be a bit more due to vendor costs, and I won't be making any money off the set to decrease the cost of it as well
Expected Questions
Why is there a separate numpad kit instead of one big kit?MoreIt's just far more economically viable to do a base and numpad for dcs. I like seeing complete sets as well but it only racks up cost for the base kit making it less appealing for everyone who wants in. Plus the prices at 25moq is hopefully fine for most people who want it. Another thing is that vendors who would want to pick up extras would prefer a cheaper manufacturing cost to order those extras.
Where is 40s, other spacebar types and other miscellaneous kitting?MoreThere are questions related to an extension and spacebar kit in the IC form, would like to add them both but would just like to see if people are interested first
Alps Kit?MoreProbably not sadly because there isn't too much demand for dcs and even less for alps. Did put it in the IC just in case a lot of people would want it, which I do doubt. No Sadly, just not enough demand.
Please fill out the IC (if you want to of course) and if you like the project, join the discord I created for updates and discussion, and maybe spread the word if you want to see this get made.

Special thanks
MoreCarter for helping me out quite a bit, with his advice and providing the files that I wasn't good enough to make
Nostyle for helping me out with non render related questions and for being cool.
The people who helped me out with some of my question in the keycap render kit discord
Some of the members of Snzagkeys for giving me initial thoughts and also some good suggestions
Druah for being very funny (please come back with the milk)
Changed print to prt sc, 1u numpad 0 has the ins legend and del to delete.
Moved R1 End and PgDn to the numpad kit
Added both a 6u bar and 3 key 40s into base

Finalise Colours (have ordered a bunch of sp chips to compare with each other to see which one fits and is better)
Finalise Kitting.
Acquire some vendors for the project.
Maybe organize some artisan collabs.

Best girl.

looks great, can't wait for this one :thumb:

dcs good gmk bad

so this is like an orange dolch? cool

please include new 6u bar if you are already including 2x 1.5u super and 2x 1u alt in base

also please add to base instead of addon:
2u bar
3-key 40s
front print on nav keys
change Print to PrtSc

optional (for addon):
windowed keys
relegendables or macro keys
10u bar


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