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Filco Cherry Blue Tenkeyless NKRO w/ extras

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I've had this keyboard for a few months now. I always keep the roof on when not in use and I'm a non smoking clean person. I'm the person who washes his hands before using a computer, yep.

If you haven't seen my other thread basically my girlfriend hated the **** out of this keyboard because it was just too awesome. So I got a cherry brown to make her happy and I figured I might as well sell this one since I don't see the point having multiple keyboards.

Comes with:
-The keyboard
-Lavendar WASD keys
-Key puller
-Red Esc key

In the picture it has some Otaku keys, those will be replace with their original keys. I'm selling the blank key set separately. If you want you can buy them together!

$130 shipped to USA.

Keyboard and Otaku key set - $170 Shipped to USA.

I just send you a PM about the blank keyset =)

I'm interested in the keyboard. PM'd

Sent you a PM about the keyboard!



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