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He is following me around and spamming all my threads. I'm not very good at spelling so please bare with me.


--- Quote from: 1395985;574525 ---Text formatting? Spell checker? Come on, this is a keyboard forum, where text and input are your main focus. Quite a shame to ruin a good review by leaving it as an unreadable sea of words.

You need to have paragraphs and proper formatting, justification etc. If this is a Wiki page, GH seriously need to raise their standards of acceptance.
--- End quote ---

Anyone can write a review.  Take it easy.  If you can do better, be constructive and write your own.


--- Quote from: o2dazone;574568 ---I'm not sure if you're aware, but a ton of members on this forum can't even touch type.
--- End quote ---

I can touch type, at around 90-100 wpm. But the spelling isn't always right.


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