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Well, I wanted to do this on DT.. but I dont know if they would have been happy with me running a GB on their forum so I saved it for when we got back to GH.

Anyway, it's simple. I want to raise money for an animal rescue in Los Angeles. It's called hope for paws (your can visit their website here... just watch the fiona video and you'll understand) They do incredible work, and it's a two person team IIRC. A guy and his wife. This man has spent hours trying to capture a dog in the desert. Has traveled to Florida and as far as Israel to help out animals. He truly deserves all the help he can get. He's also a non profit, so he survives on donations.

This is what I was thinking:

but with White Legend + Red Keycap

Either that exact image (need to see if I can use it without any problems) or something very similar.

Keycaps will be 3 for the first, 2 after the first.

Shipping will be 4 CONUS/Canada and 6 international. ALL proceeds (minus w/e I use for shipping) will go to Hope For Paws under the geekhack name.

Anyway, let me know if any of guys would be interested in it.

Technically this is 100% tax deductible =O

im still under the 20k to be worrying about paypal taxes :p

but i wont use the tax break for my personal benefit.

Definitely in for a few to help out the animals.

I had these made, and was planning on selling them soon....

I could donate some of the proceeds as well.


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