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O rings for Cherry MX keycaps to make voice lower 40%

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Razor Lotus:
I got the thick silicone ones and didn't like them at all on oem profile. Come keys couldn't actuate at all

The price for shipping worldwide is shockingly high

I had best luck with the blue EPDM O-rings I have purchased from
Prior to my currently installed WASDkeyboards rings, I had purchased some black (approx. 2mm thick) and red (1mm thick) O-rings from Amazon. Those Amazon O-rings weren't made of EPDM.
Comparing to O-rings, purchased from Amazon, WASDkeyboards rings are being squishy and elastic and not as hard, they also don't split at all, but vast majority of both: black and red ones, purchased from Amazon DID SPLIT after a few months of use :(
Is this because I tend to bottom out hard? You see: I had learned to touch-type while serving in the Soviet Army, using Soviet-era telegraph machinery, that needed to be banged onto hard :eek:.
I guess that the material Amazon O-rings were made of isn't elastic enough to absorb this repetitive stress applied by a Russian telegraphist?  :D
I attribute this to the material WASDkeyboards O-rings are made of: EPDM, also known as EP, EPT, EPR, EPM or Ethylene-propylene :thumb:. 


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