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SteelSeries 6Gv2 Black and Red Switch

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Full review and lots of goody shots in the link below.  Yes, I wrote it~

--- Quote ---Mechanical key switches have been making an impact as far back as the days of pinball.  Touted as the most reliable type of input, various mechanical switches are still being used to this day.  SteelSeries saw the benefits inherent in the concept of these little machines, and has chosen to implement a Cherry mechanical solution in their 6GV2 boards.
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--- Quote ---...Leaving an impression is pretty challenging for these keyboards with, but with use that is exactly what the black switch 6GV2 did with its rock solid design and switch choice.  The red switch variant did not have the feeling to it I was into for typing, so this pushed me even further away from considering it for the editor's choice.
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Leave me some feedback or ask questions if you'd like :)

Nice review as always, Binge!

This review was really a criticism of the red switches, which many people like.  All I really got out of that was that you're not into reds. It's like criticizing a comedy movie for not being an action movie.

On another note, I appreciate knowing the Steelseries has built solid keyboards.


--- Quote ---Red switches provided a near effortless key-press which was very unsettling for me. (...)
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So you dislike reds. OK, but I'd happier if you put more stress on the fact that it's entirely subjective.

--- Quote ---SteelSeries uses pad-printed keycaps which will wear off over time.  A gaming keyboard with pad printed legends will have the WASD keys worn out before any other key on the board.  (...) For a keyboard that costs $99.99-129.99 in the US I would have expected laser etching at a minimum...
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I don't think keycaps are pad-printed, mine actually has lasered&filled keycaps, but they're still ****ty. It's a pity you forgot to mention the weird, non-standard layout—and the Fn key instead of the left Win/Meta.

How do you feel about the Cherry MX Blacks compared to other mechanical keyboards?  Heavier or lighter, anything different?


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