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Is anyone interested in Tetris keycaps? I'm talking about colored keycaps arranged to form the famous Tetris blocks, but perhaps a couple dye sub keys that have a block or two placed on them?

I'll make some images tomorrow as examples, but for now, opinions, experiences, or advice?

Okay, here's just a quick mock up before I start doing fancier things.

There are several different variations of how to represent the blocks in the keycaps and I don't think I'll have other examples ready until after Christmas and the family starts to dissipate. Sorry for the delay and my poor timing in starting the thread!

tenkey set maybe? (but many incl. myself are TKL so maybe sales wouldnt be high enough). Could be paired with the DDR set, mario set, and more game-themed keys though. For a more 'though-out' vomit board, providing that's not an oxymoron. :p

this would look great on a matrix keyboard.

kind of makes me wonder if you could install LEDs in all the switches and play tetris on a matrix keyboard with clear keycaps, though at an arguably terrible resolution.  maybe something else instead. ;0

Thanks for the replies, I've turned out to be busier than anticipated but I have some of the images set up. I'll do my best to finish them by tomorrow.. I think they're going to look very nice, though ^_^

Like the translucent ones from SP? TADA (polycarbonate caps about halfway down) You might be able to get special pricing if you contact Melissa...


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