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[IC] DON'T PANIC - Cherry Switch Esc Key

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1. White or Black text on Red key (doubleshot or laser )
2. White, Gold, or Red text on Black key (doubleshot)
3. Something magical that would let us have gold and red lettering on black key ( tripleshot? laser engraved and then filled with paint? is this possible? )

Anyone interested?
This is a key part of the design I mocked up for my das (haha, pun).

I can try mocking up some actual keys, but the image above shows the look I'm going for.

Red on Black would look good.
And if you can ever get that Triple-Shot, count me in... :drool:

Would love to see what comes of this.

I hate being Debbie Downer in these threads, but the feasibility of a double shot, triple shot, or engraving is little to none (at least with that font).

Your best bet is Dye Sub.

Yep, building on what i3 said, whichever way you go you're going to have to sacrifice at least one element of the design.

Triple-shots: essentially an impossibility right now
Double-shots: only two colours, and the font will have to change
Engraving: cannot choose colour of legend, font will have to change; you can go try ordering one from WASD now
Dye-sub: light-coloured legends cannot be printed onto darker coloured keys - you'd probably have to use a white base


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