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Sale is over. All remaining stock will probably not be made available in future sales. Thank you all for your support and business, it means a ton to me that you guys even like what I've done to begin with.
Keep an eye on my thread for updates on new caps, improvements on existing designs, and some surprises I have in the works.

Hey all, here is the sale thread for my custom keycaps.
All of these keycaps are made by hand, with cast resin.
Here is the thread that I've kept updated since I've started doing this:

Because I'm a bit limited in tools & space, these caps are not completely perfect. Small bubbles in the cap walls can sometimes exist. I try my best to be fair when selecting which caps are acceptable to sell, and hope that those who buy my caps understand that these are the best I can offer at this time. If anyone is unhappy with what they receive, please reach out to me and we can get things resolved.

Ok, the caps!
All CONUS orders ship for $3, Paypal gift is preferred- Thanks!

All caps are MX

$15 ea:

1- Deep Sea - Available styles: Goyle, Mister
2- Tropic - Available styles: Goyle, Mister, Foxy
3- Aurora - Available styles: Goyle, blank, mister
4- Lavender - Available styles: Goyle, Mister
5- Old Bones - Available styles: Goyle, Mister, Foxy
6- Lily - Available styles: Goyle, Mister, Foxy
7- Rave - Available styles: Goyle, Mister, Foxy
8- Ether - Available styles: Goyle, Mister, Foxy
9- Pond - Available styles: Goyle, Mister, Foxy
10- Mars - Available styles: Goyle, Mister
11- Honey - Available styles: Goyle, Mister

LE, (1 of 1 or 1 of 2)- These caps will not be made again in this color, they're unique now and are staying that way. In addition, of those who purchase an LE cap, one person at random will also get an unreleased/unannounced new design, in a unique color.
$20 ea:

R1- Lime Fizz!
R2- Sandstorm
R3- Evil Onyx
R4- Old Bones (Hard Candy)
L1- Chicken Pocks [ON HOLD]
L2- Dumpster Diver
L3- Strawberry Milk (Goyle)
L4- Strawberry Milk (Mister)
L5- Strawberry Milk (R1 Blank)
L6- Cotton Candy
L7- Cotton Candy (R1 Blank)
L8- Bitter Raspberry

Thanks everybody!

ill take l4

Honey Foxy :)

I'll take r4 as well.

I'll take 2, 3, and 4 of the "Mister" variety, will look great as a set :)

(god my wallet is hating me with all of these artisan sales lately...)


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