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Nubbinator caps - New Designs, Translucents

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So you missed out on the Bro Sale and the Clack sale.  It's ok, you can console yourself with some nice translucent/opaque hybrid nub caps.  I know, I know, it's just not the same, but they're still fun.

On pricing, all prices include US shipping.  International shipping is typically an additional $5.  You can grab up to three caps, just make sure you state which ones you want in the thread and not via PM.  PM messages will be ignored.  I'm charging a little more for the trans than usual since the doubleshots were more work intensive and they trans takes up much more pot time, but I'm still planning on keeping all cap sales in an affordable price range.

I may also be adding 4 more caps later on, it depends on how they turned out and if I can get pics of them before the sun goes down.

Iceberg Blue Rageinald, Bavman, and Scully.

* Rageinald - $16 - trizkut
* Bavman - $17 - Pacifist
* Scully - $17 - NovaTea

Ocean Blue Scully, Bavman, and Andre the Fly:

* Andre - $17 - NovaTea
* Bavman - $17 - NovaTea
* Scully - $17 - Pacifist

Tsavorite Green:

* Scully - $17 - rockhawksam
* Bavman - $17 - dustinhxc

sorry about the hair on the pic

Seconds: All of these have a small void on part of the wall.  Other than that, they're all perfectly fine.

* Tsavorite Green Rageinald - $8 - illy865
* Ocean Blue Rageinald - $8 - Siilver_Samurai
* Tsavorite Green Andre - $8 - esko997

Shipping may be delayed until next Saturday as my job does not often give me chances to get to the post during the weekdays.

Edit:  Please specify in your post if you're US or international so I know when I send you your invoice.  And if you already posted, just post again with it, don't edit your post.

Tsavorite Green:

    Scully - $17
    Bavman - $17

Bavman;Iceberg Blue - $17

Ocean blue Scully

missed the ccs and bbs

Actually can I just do -

Tsavorite Green:

    Bavman - $17

Ill leave the other for someone else to enjoy! <3  :-*

Iceberg Blue Rageinald - $16 :D


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