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[Sale and Contest] Nub Caps sale - All sold, all shipped

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The caps go on sale at 3PM PDT on 5/17/14.  If you edit your post, you lose your place.  You post what you want and it's first come first serve.  As always, I am also open to key cap color ideas and am willing to make custom color combos for you as long as the mold isn't broken.  Even if it's custom, resin only caps will never go over $20 shipped CONUS (barring exotic or custom stuff ordered to make it).  The metal ones I'm working on may go for a little more.

All prices include US shipping and I generally give discounts when you buy multiple caps.  International shipping is usually an additional $5 total, and may be less depending on how many caps you buy and the shipping method you opt for.  You can grab as many caps as you like, just make sure you state which ones you want in the thread and not via PM. If you want five and someone else a minute or two later states they want one of those, I may give it to them just so that everyone can enjoy the caps.  PM messages will be ignored.  I'm charging a little more for the glow in the dark caps than usual since the glow in the dark powder isn't the cheapest and doesn't always play nice, but I'm still planning on keeping all cap sales in an affordable price range.  If you can't afford one and really want one, post in here then PM me and we can work something out.  I also have a handful of seconds that I will randomly be tossing in as freebies.  Sometimes I charge a reduced price for them, sometimes they're free.  I feel like going free this time.

Pictures of the new design will come once I have more light, but it's stylized yeti/abominable snowman in my usual whimsical design aesthetic.  I'll get some pics up tomorrow.  The winner gets one in the doubleshot colors of their choice for free.  Maybe some other caps too since I tend to randomly give caps away just for the hell of it from time to time.

Now onto the stuff for sale:

Rustic Badass, named in honor of CPTBadAss and his caps I made, but with a little copper in them...actual copper, not copper pigment.  These are glow in the dark.  Unfortunately, there are some small bubbles in the first shot that show up in pictures, but are hard to see with the naked eye.


- Scully the Skull $15 shipped CONUS Free to a good home.  See this post for what that entails.

- Ba'man $15 shipped CONUS (dropped the V from the name since there was a less reputable member with the name Bavman that I forgot about at the time of naming)   Free to a good home.  See this post for what that entails.

Experimental Burgundy - I was messing around with different methods of trying to create doubleshots or multi-colored caps, this was the result.  They're not the standard $15 since they're not perfect and they're experiments.  They don't warrant seconds prices though.

- Rageinald $13 shipped - Aandie

- Andre the Fly $13 shipped -esko997

Royal Rageinald and Andre the Fly.  What's more royal than the classic gold and burgundy color combination?

- Rageinald $14 shipped - BlueBär

- Andre the Fly $14 shipped - BlueBär

Slime Green Ba'man, Scully, and Andre.  It reminded me of Nickelodeon Slime, hence the name.  It's bone white and slime with a nice translucence to it.

- Ba'man $15 shipped - bilsterbee

- Scully $15 shipped - feizor

- Andre $15 shipped - MrexD

Emily Blunt.  Why this color name?  Because it's a Salmon and Black theme and one of the first things to pop up with those key words in Google was Emily Blunt.  In other words, the name makes no sense, but sometimes you just aren't as creative as you should be.  They also glow blue with sufficient charge.

- Ba'man $18 shipped - naasfu

- Scully $18 shipped - Vibex

- Rageinald $18 shipped - Vibex

- Andre the Fly $18 shipped - inoxify

Radioactive Slime.  They're similar in color to Slime even though totally different pigments and everything were used.  As suggested by the radioactive part, they glow in the dark.  So, yeah, there's that.

- Ba'man $18 shipped - naasfu

- Scully $18 shipped - Distilled

- Rageinald $18 shipped - welsinki

Names are stupid/Heavy Water.  Sometimes you just get tired of coming up with color names...especially when it's well after midnight.  Come up with a good name and get $3 off of one.  They're glow in the dark as well. Edit:  I decided on the name Heavy Water.  I'll still knock $1 off the price of each so they're each $17.

- Ba'man $18 shipped - naasfu

- Scully $18 shipped - feizor

- Rageinald $18 shipped - welsinki

And pics of some of the freebies:

Edit:  New design pics.  Still some finishing to do, but rough idea of the master.

New design name suggestion: Carol

for some reason even though i know it shouldnt it makes me think of dungeon keeper, so that will be my name suggestion

I think contaminated water is a good name for the glow in the dark blue

Thanks to a generous member (not sure if he wants his name stated or not), the Rustic Badass caps will be free to a good home.

Ideally, these would go to someone who appreciates the design, but just can't afford things like novelty caps.  Feel free to nominate someone or to make a case for yourself.  I'll go ahead and pick the winners by tomorrow morning.


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