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APL keycaps for Keycool 87, PBT dye-sub, IBM layout, $230

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The new age, keycap DIY printing has been started! This is the first item from the age.

Okay now THAT is awesome!

That's pretty pricey, esp when you can get imsto to do dyesubs at around $2 each, and in even bigger batches, a third of the price of these

But this is sorta interesting. How much does tooling cost?

Oh imsto can print to front side? I didn't know that.
Money I paid for my instruments and materials are about $1000 without trial and error cost. Some jigs are handmade and take much labor.

Techno Trousers:
Wow, that's super cool. I don't know what your cost in materials and labor is, but if you can make a profit at about half of what you are charging, I think you will have as many orders as you can handle. I'm afraid $250 for a shipped custom key cap set is going to be a tough sell.

Then again, I see people paying well over $100 for GMK ABS sets, so you never know.

I've been spoiled by IBM's fantastic PBT caps, so I would like to get MX PBT sets someday.


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