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Killed By Kaps (OVER) - 6/19 - MX/Topre Sale

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This sale is over and all caps have been sold thank you!

Hey Dudes!

Welcome to another Killed By Kaps sale. This sale features two new designs as well as some throwback jammies!

Mummy II (Topre) - Heeeees back and seems to be aging terribly!

Conspire (MX) - dont trust female cultists!

Death Lives [FC] (MX) - back by popular demand!

HHKBK Fn's (Topre) - scratchedtastic! *cancelled due to off center legends will be remolded*

Hi friends!
well here we are again, another sale. I had alot of fun doing these caps, and they were all done with new materials (thank you for your $$$ from last sale, these new materials tend to get pricey and without your help all this wouldnt be possible). I'm constantly learning new techniques and i feel confident that these designs are leaps and bounds from what i have previously released. I hope you dudes enjoy them :)


I. 3 cap limit per person
II. Don't edit your post(s) after posting your dibs! lets keep this fair to other members!
III. Send Payment as a gift or please add 3.5% for paypal fees

ConUS - Included in price
International - Please add $5 to your order

Mummy II (Topre) - $15 each

1.MurderFace - (deep red w/ blue tint)
2.Disco Pink - (black and pink)
3.Avenger - (purple and light green)
4.HalloWeenie - (orange and black)
5.Bubble Yum - (pink)
6.Captain Planet - (blue tint,green,red eyes)
7.Yeti - (white,black,purple eyes)
8.Plagued Purple - (metallic purple, purple)
9.Pyro - (yellow tint,orange,red eyes) $$$ for this cap will be donated to GH
10.BoogeyMan - (green tint,red eyes)

Conspire (MX) - $15 each

11.AshesIIAshes - (grey trans)
12.Relic - (gold,green)
13.Fleshtemple - (skin o.0)
14.SeaMan White - (...?)
15.Meringue - (light neon yellow)
16.SlimeR - (green)
17.Razzled - (metallic blue,blue)
18.BetOn Black - (not tar black)
19.BananaRama - (yellow,brown tint)
20.Deep Purple - (dark purple)

Death Lives FC (MX) - $13 each

21.Brass Monkey - (faux brass, brown)
22.Blazed Blue - (metallic blue,deep blue)
23.Concentrated Orange - (metallic orange,orange)
24.Diseased Green - (green,yellow tint)
25.Pissed Purple - (medium purple)

thank you for your guys ongoing support, you dudes/dudettes are the best <3

Awesome work as usual.

Have you produced more than one copy of each one ?

Will you favor people who do not own any of your prior work ?



--- Quote from: mindoculus on Wed, 18 June 2014, 10:17:09 ---Awesome work as usual.

Have you produced more than one copy of each one ?

Will you favor people who do not own any of your prior work ?


--- End quote ---
I'm pretty sure he only does one of each key (at least that's what he has done for previous sales).

Really hope some nice DL's go up. ;D I NEED more.

I'm looking forward to the sale - these look amazing.

Hopefully I will get my first HipsterPunks cap(s).

Looking forward to getting some of my first novelty caps!


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