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I've had a series of unfortunate financial events and need to thin my keyboarding collection.  Shipping is an additional $5 for CONUS per order (unlimited items).

You can pay with Paypal goods, but I will only ship to the verified address.  If you need me to ship somewhere else, then you need to pay with gift.

I have tried to keep the prices at retail or reasonable; if there's something you think is out of line feel free to PM me.  Just want it to be accessible to everyone.

FS keyboards
($175+$10 add'l shipping) Original EX+ Dolch PAC keyboard - no shine on caps, no wear on the back of the board, all feet and bumpers intact, both logos intact, switches throughout are vintage MX Blues.  Board is basically unused and mint.  Never seen another one in this condition.  If you want the actual computer, it has all the guts and handled canvas case. It boots up and runs through POST, but I don't know how to test any of the expansion cards. You can have it for $50 + $50 add'l shipping.

($150) Varmilo VA68M, gray aluminum case, white backlight, MX Browns, Front-printed PBT gray caps
I love the build quality and design of this case; I used it for one day and decided the layout isn't for me.  Too bad because the white backlight looks so much better than the cheesy orange/red backlight most of these have.  Includes box, puller, cable, instructions.


FS Bro Caps
($30) MX Toothache Grumpkin

($58) TMX War Torn Defender

FS Other Artisans
Many of these are several years old; I'm sorry I don't remember the official name or maker of many of them.

($15 each) I think these two skulls were made by Hammer?  Long time ago.

($20) Handpainted spider web HyPnoCaP, painted by do_Og@n (thanks Signature!)

($15) Red trooper-style cap; eyes are open to the inside

($30) Transparent Cyan/Ruby trooper-style cap

($30) Gray/transparent cyan trooper-style cap

($20) HolyOOPs Aluminum Vader cap

($20) HolyOOPS Aluminum Stormtrooper cap

($30) Gray/Cyan Gasmask

($25) Smoked gray Gasmask

(Make me an offer) Other artisans (yellow/black Krap, purple blank, orange blank, and Judgmental Skull are all gone)

($20 each) Premium blanks, a few are Hotkeys, a few from others, the Capt America is HolyOOPs I think (darker blue blank is gone)

($3 each) Signature Plastics old school style custom doubleshot caps

FT Artisans
WTTF the Bro blue camo gamer set, Senzunite Clack, or Night Owl Mk. II.  Other offers welcome.

Custom color from All the Things sale, only two were made that I know of

Binge Orc (Slo-Fi and Golden Otter are gone)

Binge Gasmask - when Binge was first getting his start (before he started casting) he did some keycap painting and sculpting.  This cap is the oldest example of his work I know of.

You guys know these I think; the white clack is an early Depth White from many years ago (Gold BBv2 and Frostbite Reaper are gone)

Parts and accessories:
($60 each) 2x Aluminum Pure cases (60%), good condition, only light use

($130) Hwood Carbon Fiber 60% sandwich case - unused, all parts present, from this group buy:

($20 each) NPKC Keycap Holder - 4 available, comes in original box.  Great for displaying keysets or your massive collection of artisans.

($110) GMK Triumph Adler Keyset - full reproduction of original Triumph Adler keyset.  Legendary GB by Intelli.  Comes with all keys included, no shine, limited use.  Includes tray but I don't recommend it; doesn't hold the caps very well.

Thank you for viewing.

Frozen Core BroBot 2.5 (TMX)
Green Paranoid Reaper

($68) TMX Limited Edition Drone

($20) Black trooper-style cap; eyes have a red shine through lens

($52) MX Nitty Gritty Reaper Classic

($90) MX Pale Blue Reaper Classic, ESC blank, and WASD blanks

($120) MX Gray Reaper Classic, ESC blank, WASD blanks, arrows

($35) MX Bloodlust Lycan

($38) MX Mystic Purp Jolly Roger

($35) MX Chill Blue Reaper Classic

Purple/blue glitter Elephant cap - this one was a more recent maker but the name escapes me

Keyforge Orochi

($25 each) MX Textured blanks (Esc Profile)($125) Ramage V5 Space Bar - words cannot describe how gorgeous this thing is.  Like New condition.  One of only a few. [sale pending]

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