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Anyone know if anybody is working on this? If it's easy to do, or easy to port, can someone chime in. Of course assuming we are still on an AVR chipset.

I love my 6KB, thanks for making it happen.

What's it say on the chip?  If it's listed in the EasyAVR thread it will be easy to add, just needs someone with one preferably with a multimeter or good eyes to see what's connected to what on the PCB.

Looks like an ATmega16U2.

Hello. im just got my 6keyboard today and i would really like to be able to reprogram it using the Easy AVR tool. i took my multimeter out and just finished measring. all the keys have one common pin that is connected to gorund and the other pin is conneted to the microcontroller  (ATmega16U2) as follow.
Key1 PC7
key2 PB7
key3 PB5
key4 PD6
key5 PD1
Key6 PD4

Should i contact someone or make a formal request or how shall i proceed.


I will submit the request - thanks for digging up that info.


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